Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Chat: Girls!

This is a chat between two friends of mine. The chat, by itself, is unfortunately considered a typical conversation between any two girls. It doesn’t go beyond the usual what-to-wear and how-to-look topics of discussion. But, if you wish to learn something from it, then you sure can. It’s an insight into the makeup of one segment of the Bahraini society and how social and religious conventions play a huge role in the sneaky attitude and the multiple identities people adopt. It saddens me that many capable and intelligent young people, especially girls end up living lives which lack the commitment and motivation to do things of value that will make a positive difference in our society. I am mainly referring here to the obsession girls have on looks, “beauty”, and physical appearance. It’s crazy how lives are being built on and revolve around such flimsy concepts. This is a serious problem because it means that all the money, energy, and time that could be invested on education, knowledge, global awareness, hobbies, self-improvement and other things that could elevate the standard of our society, is spent on clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, and building an ego that is insecure and easily threatened. I won’t be exaggerating to say that many, if not most of the girls in Bahrain are in the same boat. The desire to conform, man’s expectations from woman, lack of confidence, despair from having any other opportunity, you name it… are all factors that influence their behavior...and to top it all off, the feeling of being beautiful, sexy, and attractive and being told that, is so rewarding and satisfying that any opportunity cost becomes very well worth it.

Here's the conversation:

A: by the way, do you have a good hair dryer? and what type is it? the big one or the one with the brush stuck to it?

B: i have two, one with the brush stuck to it and the straightner..the iron one

A: You don’t have a hair dryer like the big ones they have in the saloons?

B: nope, but I think the one I use is good because it does my hair just fine, so i'm sure it will do yours just as well

A: ha ok, i don’t like the iron straightener but i will manage with the other one

B: okay

A: I don't do my hair that often anymore because when i get out from the shower its already straight...but just in case..

B: Hey listen, i will try too loose more weight before you come…coz I want you to be my fashion designer… I want to change my style…

A: sure, I need to do a lot of shopping too

B: ohhh, I forgot to tell you.. this is major news...I finally bought a baby pink top and I wore it yesterday…so this is a step forward towards wearing colors… instead of all black

A: wow… mabrooook

B: yah hehe, this is the only colored shirt I have

A: this is a big big step, we will buy for you more bright colored shirts inshallah

B: yep, btw have you seen the delegates of miss universe 2004?

A: no

B: it’s on june first, so watch it.

A: inshallah

B: I remember it used to be the event of the year … we all go to uncle Saeid's house to watch it

A: ya i know

B: haha

A: cuz he enjoys watching pretty woman with bikinis heheh

B: all men do..uncle Saeid is supposed to be the "mosque and maatam" guy but look at what-

A: yeah..it's just infront of the people...

A: Do you have beaches there?

B: haha why?

A: i wont wear a bikini, don’t worry… im just asking

B: yes, there are beaches and they’re relatively clean

A: ya i know, not like the ones we have in Bahrain

B: but canada is not considered a “beach country”

A: ya i know

B: but we will take you to the beach one day... we can just have a barbecue party..

A: ya that's what i want... oh and one more thing… I might wear sleeveless shirts and stuff, do you mind?

B: no, i don't mind...i wear sleeveless shirts and tight tops when i go jogging

A: really, hehe cute...good… good…I need to take my freedom for once

B: yep

A: you know my mother doesn’t mind if I wear sleeveless clothes, but not infront of my brothers u know …so it's not like I will be doing things behind my mother's back...I will be wise.

B: I know.. I know

A: its just that i need to feel more comfortable when we go shopping and stuff…

B: sure.. we’ll have so much fun

A: allaaaaaaaaaaaay [bahraini expression of excitement]

B: hahahah

A: I will finally come to Canada!

B: yes, finally!

A: hehe i know that there is a smile on ur face right now

B: hahahah…yup

B: and i'm laughing alone

A: ya me too

B: i'm so excited now …we haven’t seen each other for such a long long time

B: yeah, I'm really looking forward to having you with us in Canada. Anyway, i have to go to the gym now, I will talk to you later.

A: okay.. yalla bye

B: yalla bye bye


At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I totally relate to that sis!!!

I dont know where it has gone wrong. Is it the fact that these girls are spoilt and spoonfed from the day they are born? They get their university degrees and hang them on the walls, yet they are totally uneducated and uninspired. Thier passion lies in their outer image not realising the hollowness inside.


At 9:53 AM, Blogger global soul said...

thanks for the comment.

yeah..and many girls don't realize that there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but when it goes to an extreme...and becomes the prority of priorities...then it becomes pretty destructive.

At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's just helarious... i haven't heard a conversation like that with bahraini girls in such a long time, posting it up there i just too funny, reminds me that I need to go back home and have a good laugh...
I love your blog, keep it up...

At 3:31 PM, Blogger global soul said...

Thanks S6! :)

At 11:14 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Are you so sure the conversation is built around the flimsy concepts you mention? Why does the visiting girl relate to sleeveless tops as "freedom"? And why does this appear as her only chance to try such "risque" behavior? And why is it that while her mother finds sleeveless OK, she wouldn't dare to do it in front of her brothers? All in all, I think that you've read the conversation too shallowly and misinterpreted the ability to decide for oneself as something much more shallow.

At 8:41 AM, Blogger TOM Orrell said...

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