Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Hajj

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The Hajj is about to begin. It’s almost impossible to feel the hype when you’re a thousand miles away from the scene or if you simply don’t have a family member or a relative who is embarking on this trip of a lifetime, nonetheless, the image of having 2 million people from every corner of the globe wearing the same garments, performing the same rituals, and repeating in one cohesive voice their prayers to God does spark a sense of awe and wonder. I went to Mecca once to perform the Umra, I was young and naive at best back then but I still remember shedding a few tears upon seeing the Ka’aba for the first time. It was a pure moment of awe not triggered by any sense of religious realization or awareness… jut pure awe at the serenity of the scene and moment. I often wonder if it is possible to maintain the same level of spirituality while performing the Hajj and enduring all what a pilgrim has to endure in a very arduous environment and atmosphere. Oh well, to all the pilgrims …Hajj Mabroor wa Sa’ie Mashkur. May all the prayers for peace, happiness, and everything beautiful be granted.

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My cute little sis during the Umra


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