Monday, June 07, 2004


Below are some of the documentaries I have recently watched. Some are touching, others are appalling, but all are worth watching.

In The Name of God: Scenes from the Extreme: A glimpse into extreme fundamentalist communities in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine

Easy Prey: Inside the Child Sex Trade: Child prostitution and trafficking in Romania

Garden: Life of gay Arab teenagers in the red light district of Tel Aviv, aka "the Garden"

My Flesh and Blood: Story of a single mother and her 11 adopted special needs children.

Why did they Kill their Neighbours?: A story of a man who murdered his own family memebers in the 1994 genocide in Rawanda

Bowling for Columbine: About the roots of gun violence in America.

Dying to be Apart: The story of Ladan and Laleh Bijani - the conjoined iranian twins.

Muhammad Ali - Through the Eyes of the World

Arna's Children


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