Sunday, January 16, 2005

Bahraini Pride

Bahrania posted a couple of trivia questions about Bahrain's history. Those questions reminded me of a friend who would proabably know the answers to all of them. Besides having a peculiar personality, he also has a weird sense of patriotism which is hard to describe. In his digital photo albums you’ll find pictures of Gilgamesh, a historic (mayabe even mythic) figure but who my friend regards more as an ancestor of some sort. He talks about Dilmun and the ancient civilizations on a regular basis as if they have a direct impact on our daily lives as Bahrainis in the 21st century. When I asked him one day why are you so proud of being Bahraini? This was his answer:

I am proud because we have a history over 10,000 years old. We are mentioned in the epics of humanity, from Gilgamesh, to the tales of Alexander the Great, to the Persians, and the Indus Valley, to the Bible. I am proud because I feel that we are in fact one of the superior civilizations. I am proud because I am from a friendly country where everybody loves the other. I am proud because I was born in a land of revolution where people always fought to help those who are oppressed. Where did most of the Shia revolutions against the Umayyads and Abbasids start from? Bahrain. Not only Shia revolutions but also others, like the Zinouj revolution hence the name "il Zinj.” Bottom line is that throughout our history, whenever there were weak people in the region, no matter what background, what skin color, what sect of Islam Bahrainis were always supportive and always died for these people. You tell me what are the people of Bahrain known for? The Golden Smiles, il a9aleh, il 6eeba. Tell me why Bahrain is called "The Land of Eden" not only in the epics of the ancient civilizations but also in the Bible?

Bahrain over the ages has blended many cultures. It had many lovers from Gilgamesh, to Zeus, to Jesus, to Islam. They have all affected her. Bahrain is a beautiful woman, with many suitors. Many have trued to subdue her but she is a playful girl and dumps them all. The Babylonian Gods, called her Dilmun, Zeus and his followers called her Tylos, Jesus wasn't much for nicknames and Islam went with Bahrain. Bahrain took from the Babylonians and the Assyrians the rules and the system of life. From the Greeks it took its cultural identity and its treatment of others. From Christianity, it took the way of life, and the humbleness that is God and from Islam we joined all.


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