Monday, June 14, 2004


I watched some segments of the show on TV and I found it hilarious!

“Can you imagine…we still have kings and kingdoms in the Muslim world! Are we still in the 15th century or waht? Yeah we are, according to the Muslim calendar!”

That was one of the jokes I can recall right now.

note: 2004 is the year 1425 according to the lunar Islamic calendar, which begins on the year the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) emigrated to Madina. So the Muslim world is both literally and metaphorically in the 15th century :-)

THE QUESTION has always been where can Muslims and non-Muslims go for social growth, and entertainment by us, for us, and about us? The answer? "Allah Made Me Funny : The Official Muslim Comedy Tour."

“The concept of this tour is to make a comprehensive effort to provide effective, significant, and appropriate comedy with an Islamic perspective, which is both mainstream and cross-cultural. The idea is to provide a venue whereby Muslims and non-Muslims can feel safe, relevant, and inclusive of an experience where humor is used to bridge gaps of bias, intolerance, and other social ills that are pre and post 9/11 relevant,”

There are jokes about the “super-hijabies” (i.e. women covered up head to toe with only their eyes showing) and about the dreams of a young American Muslim boy being shattered because he cannot be a pilot anymore..

All the jokes were clean, yet funny… (well, at least the ones i've heard so far)

With an open mind… and an open heart… they should not offend anyone.

Comedy is good for you :)


At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out

Although I find the dry humour funny at times, the site seems stagnant and hasnt been updated for months. I like the advice pages the best:

Dear Islamica,

If you can't hear it, does it still break it?

-- "Silent But Deadly" Samir

At 4:44 PM, Blogger global soul said...

Thanks for the linK!


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